What’s the Best Bike to Bike Intercom in 2021?

A good bluetooth headset for your helmet will keep you safe and protected when you’re out on the roads. In this guide we list the best bike to bike intercom available in the UK and compare all the important specs to save you time.

What we look at when deciding best bike-to-bike intercom

  • Ease of use – It’s one thing using a Bluetooth bike headset with no gloves on, while sitting at home. Another to actually use it safely on the roads. Nice, big, chunky buttons are essential.
  • Feature set – Modern bike headsets are clever gadgets. You can do everything from call a loved one and let them know where you are, to find the quickest route to the next petrol station – all hands free. This guide will go into the features each of the top intercoms have to offer.
  • What’s the sound quality like? One of the best things you can do with your new bike headset is to listen to your music while you’re out on the roads. We check the audio quality from bass up to make sure it’s up to scratch.
  • How many riders are supported? One of the things we check on is how many riders can connect to the system, and whether or not it’s a full duplex system (most are, thankfully).
  • Is it loud enough? Obvious enough, but you’d be amazed how many bike to bike intercoms are actually too quiet.
  • Range – There’s not much point in having great sound quality on a motorbike headset if the range means you’ll never be able to use it. We check the range that each mic will be effective to.
  • What’s the best budget motorcycle intercom? – As well as the best overall helmet intercoms, we’ve looked for the best quality cheap helmet intercoms too. (Without sacrificing quality). Who doesn’t love a deal?


How to install a motorcycle intercom quickly and easily

Getting the earpiece and mic setup in your existing helmet is easier than you think. the process does vary a wee bit between mic sets, but here’s a general guide to how it’s done.

  1. Remove the two cheek pads or the cushions.
  2. Find the place in the helmet where your ears rest.
  3. Place the adhesive Velcro dot where the ears fit, in the helmet. Some helmets make this especially easy by having recesses especially for earphones.
  4. Position the speakers carefully onto the Velcro, making sure they’re secure, without crushing them beneath your mighty thumb!
  5. Place the cables underneath the lining.
  6. Replace any pads back into the helmet.
  7. Same procedure for the mic. Figure out where your mouth will rest, and use the sticky back side of the mic to add it securely into the helmet.
  8. Connect the jack.
  9. Pick one of the included mounting stocks that came with the kit – the one that fits your helmet the best.
  10. Remove the film and secure it to the outside of the helmet. Make sure you clean the outside where it’s going to go carefully to remove any dirt that will affect it’s grip.
  11. Add the base unit onto the mount and try it out!

#1 Lexin B4FM Motorbike Intercom

Range: 1000m
# riders supported: 4
Warranty: 1 year

The Lexin B4 FM is a reasonably-priced motorbike intercom that’s straight forward to fit. This intercom offers high quality audio for your favourite tunes as well as essentials like rider to rider talk. It’s a rechargeable set that you fit into your existing helmet. It comes with both boom mic or a closed-face mic and a number of handy fittings.

Does everything you need

The B4 is about the best bike to bike intercom in this price range and has built in GPS, FM radio and universal pairing, so it will work with any Bluetooth compatible device you have, such as an iPhone or Android phone.  The buttons are large enough to use with gloves on.

Both music and voice sound very clear – even on motorways or strong wind.

You can use Siri and S-Voice to control everything – from making voice calls to playing music, or changing radio station.

The intercom range is impressive with a stated 1000m (although this is probably overly optimistic and you’ll find this varies out on the road). Be warned – the volume here goes very high. As such, it’s a good choice for noisy bikes, or using out on the motorways. Both music and voice sound very clear – even on motorways or strong wind.

Verdict: A top quality motorbike Bluetooth headset. It does what it says on the tin and is easy to fit and use. The range is impressive and, whether you’re buying this for solo trips or for the voice chat, the sound quality is superb.

  • Top quality audio
  • Clear voice
  • Control music and other features with voice commands
  • Plenty of volume
  • Easy hands-free calls
  • Long range for rider to rider communication
  • Instructions could be better
  • Bass not especially deep on music
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#2 Lexin LX-R6

Range: 1000m
# Riders Supported: 4
Warranty: 1 year

A slightly cheaper Lexin here, but one that’s packed with some great features and ideal for larger teams. This Bluetooth 3.0 headset supports up to 6 riders and is full-duplex, with two riders being able to talk at once.

High performance speakers give a good quality sound for both music and voice.

This is a budget priced pair of headsets so it’s ideal if you’re buying for your partner, or want to save some money buying with a pal.

If you need to take or make calls when your’re out and about, you won’t need to pull over any more. The R6 has hands-free call answering. You can also use your voice to make calls, change music and much more.

The Intercom is one of the best things about the LX-R6. It has a solid range and voice is loud and clear. This stereo headset is equally as happy playing music as it is for the more important communication stuff.

Another good feature with this motorcycle intercom is that you can expect around the 8 hours up-time per charge, with standby is around the 150 hours mark.

Verdict: This wallet-friendly pair of motorbike communicators offers bags of value for money and is crammed with handy. It’s easy to fit and your tunes will sound fantastic too.

  • High quality audio
  • Music sounds awesome
  • Easy to use
  • Long range on the intercom side of things
  • Good for larger groups
  • Some buttons a little on the small side.
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#3 Fodsports M1S

Range: Up tp 2000m
# Riders Supported: 8
Warranty: 1 Year

Fodsport’s M1S motorbike headset does everything you’d need and has a whoppigg standby time of around 1 week. The audio quality is excellent and the price won’t break the bank.

There’s plenty of functionality with this Bluetooth motorcycle intercom, Hands-free GPS works extremely well in the M1S with audio navigation guiding you to your destination.

One thing that doesn’t work with a lot of headsets is communicating over the intercom in heavy traffic or speeds over 70mph. After a few firmware updates thanks to the FreedConn website, the Fodsports M1S has excellent quality sound that’s crystal clear.

Verdict: It’s simple to use and has great performance. this headset represents very good value for money too.

  • Great all-round headset
  • Audio quality superb
  • Packed with functionality
  • Crystal clear communication
  • GPS works well
  • Difficult to press buttons with gloves on
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Top 5 awesome things you’ll be able to do with a motorbike helmet headset

A look at some cool stuff your new helmet Bluetooth headset will make life easier and safer! (Features may vary depending on the product you buy).

  1. Talk to your friends on the road – Up to 6 riders can communicate via Bluetooth networks
  2. Take them abroad – Communication is even more key when you’re abroad, on unfamiliar roads. A good bike intercom will save you some stress and let you enjoy that scenery.
  3. Change music using your voice – Got an iPhone, Samsung or Android phone? Make and receive calls using voice commands. Or get Siri to play the perfect song.
  4. Use hands-free GPS Navigation – Get there with less hassle if your motorbike intercom has GPS navigation built in!
  5. Make and answer hands-free calls – Another handy feature with motorbike headsets is they ability to answer your phone, and even call people safely.

PC Sound System – BUYER’S GUIDE

Here’s some quickfire tips and bits of info that might prove useful if you’re shopping for a new motorbike intercom system.

Got a loud bike?

One thing you’ll need to look into is whether or not your potential new helmet headset will have what it takes to work over the noise generated when you’re riding, especially at speeds over 75km. A good headset will work with high speeds and noisier machines.


While not the most exciting spec to look at, the IP number (a measure of how waterproof a product is) might be something you’ll want to check out. The number after the IP refers to how waterproof your new headset is.

Think about opting for the dual kit

You can often save a bit of money if you buy a dual kit. Check if your mate fancies and upgrade, or if you plan to get one for your spouse, it might make sense to get a dual kit (if the helmet intercom has one of these kits).

Different mics for open-faced helmet or closed-faced

The type of mic you’ll need will be slightly different depending on the kind of motorcycle helmet you have. An open-faced helmet will need a boom mic to extend to over your mouth. While a closed-face helmet will require a mic to be attached where your mouth will be.

The good news is that most motorbike headsets will come with both in the kit.

How many riders can talk at one time?

If you’re going to be using your motor bike headset in a larger party than 2, check that the product you’re going to buy supports that many. Most do (and numbers greater than that) but some only support 2. All four riders in your party should be able to talk at the same time, without anything cutting out.

Will your headset work with other devices?

If you’re shopping for a new one and want maximum compatibility, look for Universal Pairing on the box somewhere. This means it will work with any other compatible device.

Having problems? Try the latest firmware

When you buy your motorcycle intercom, it’s likely the firmware will be a bit out of date. Upgrading your devices software can make a huge difference to how it operates. It can be something as major as how well the audio performs at high speeds.

Helmet intercom system FAQs

How do they link together?

Motorcycle communication systems use propriety intercom ranges to . The range can be anything up to the 2000m mark, although this quickly reduces in built-up areas.

Will the range really be as far as what’s stated?

One of the stats you’ll oft come across when researching which is the best motorbike intercom is the top range in meters that you’ll be able to comminicate with other riders over. These are often up in the 1000m – 2000m range. So how accurate are they?

It’s important to remember that these are the absolute highest distance over which the intercoms will work over, if there were no buildings or other obstacles in the way. That’s a big IF. Having said that, if a headset states 1000m, it’s going to be more than enough for even very built up areas.


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