Bose Soundbar 700 Best Price – 2021 Cheapest UK Deal

Where can you get the best price for the Bose Soundbar 700?

Welcome to this guide, which covers why everyone is buying the Bose 700 soundbar and where the best place to buy it is in Jul 2024!

Today’s best prices on the Bose Soundbar 700

There’s some pretty good deals out there today on Sunday the 14th Jul 2024. If you just want the Bose Soundbar 700 on it’s own, you’ll find that here. But there’s also some good bundles available that can save you money if you’re buying a bracket or a subwoofer to go with your new sound bar.

Prices Last Updated Wednesday 10th July 2024 - 19:11:51 pm

Why does everyone love the Bose 700 so much?

Trying to find a bad review for the Bose 700 soundbar is not an easy task in 2021! Both users and critics seem to love this sound bar. So what makes this £700 soundbar get reviewers so excited? Let’s find out…

  1. The sounds quality beats the competition senseless – The Bose 700 has a beautiful, crisp level of detail that you have to hear for yourself, and that sets it aside from cheaper soundbars (yes, it’s not cheap!) The level of detail in the sound put out by the 700 is unreal.
  2. It doesn’t need a subwoofer– While you can buy an accompanying subwoofer for this sound bar, the good news is you probably won’t need one. The Bose 700 has a genuinely good bass, something which most soundbars claim to have but fail miserably on. The bass here is punch and you can really feel it.
  3. It has Alexa built in – With pretty much every sound bar releasing with voice assistants already built in, or being patched in soon, the Bose soundbar 700 is keeping up and is a great implementation of Alexa here. You can use Alexa to control your TV, volume and a lot more. Handy!
  4. Audio separation and 3D sound is seriously good – Again, something that soundbars can often fall flat on is the sound stage and positioning of various sounds. Bose’s premium soundbar handles sound depth superbly and the result is a rich audio experience that’s going to change your TV viewing for good!
  5. It looks amazing – Everything from the black metal grille to the tempered glass top of the 700 looks like a premium product. The lovely gloss finish on the top is where you’ll also find the touch sensitive buttons. Whether you wall mount the 700, or leave it sitting under the TV, it looks absolutely stunning.

Some things that could be better with the Soundbar 700

While there’s zero glaring problems or omissions with this soundbar, and absolutely nothing negative to say about the sound quality, we like to nit pick and dig down to the nitty gritty here on AudioPunch! Here’s some minor downsides to balance out the things we love about this soundbar.

  1. If you get a subwooofer, it’s expensive – Check out out deals in the price compare above if you’re interested in a subwoofer. But they’re certainly not cheap. As mentioned above however, the bass is perfectly good without one.
  2. No multi-room audio capabilities – If you’re set on working your soundbar into your home’s multi-room audio system, this might not be the soundbar for you. sadly, the Bose Soundbar 700 is a bit lacking when it comes to multi-room.
  3. No Dolby Atmos – While the sound is incredible with the soundbar, the fact is that it doesn’t have Dolby Atmos speakers on the top, as some soundbars have.
  4. The remote is HUGE – You get a whopping remote with the Bose Soundbar 700. It’s not as bad as it sounds though – this bad boy will replace your existing TV and Blu-ray remote. And you’ll want to use it. It’s Bluetooth and doesn’t require a line of sight to the soundbar.
  5. The glossy glass top is prone to fingerprints – OK, we’re nit-picking now but you know… got to mention these things. As gorgeous as the glass top of the Bose 700 Soundbar is, you’ll be forever wiping it clean.

And it looks sexy as hell.

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That’s all. Thanks for checking out this guide on the Best Prices for the Bose 700 Soundbar. Did you pick one up? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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