What’s the Best Audio Technica Gaming Headset?

Finding a good gaming headset with high-fidelity audio capabilities is not as easy as it would seem. A combination of the best audio and a high quality mic is hard to come by (especially on a budget) Audio Technica have a several headsets in this space, but are they any good?

This guide digs deep and uncovers the best Audio Technica gaming headset out there for your buck in 2021.

Above: Audio-Technica ATH-PDG1 – See it at Amazon UK

What we look at when deciding best audio technica gaming headset

  • Hi-fi sound – How much better is this headset than the competition?
  • Feedback & other reviews – How are other buyers liking this headset?
  • Comfort – A good game can keep you glued to the screen for hours. You need a headset than can keep up and won’t cramp your style, or your poor old ears.
  • Weight – Tied into the comfort side of things, no-one wants some beast of a headset that is going to give you all kinds of strain long term.
  • Mic quality – Unlike other types of headsets, your gaming set needs to have a good quality mic that’s up to the job. Whether you’re streaming or just need to communicate with your squad, the mic has got to be good.
  • 3D Positional audio – One of the best things about a good gaming headset is it will give you an advantage over the other players if the positional audio is spot on.

#1 Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

Style: Open-backed

Finally a decent sounding pair of gaming headphones

The best hi-fi gaming headset we’ve found so far has to be the ATH-ADG1X. This headset offers incredible sound quality and an equally well-made mic.

The audio quality on the ADG1X is clear and has about the best 3D positional you can get in 2021. Bass is not over the top, and both mid and top end sound are equally clear and detailed.

Although well suited for FPS games, this headset is perfect for any game you’re into, or to simply relax with your tunes. The ADG1X is compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

On the design side, this is an open backed headset meaning it’s more comfy for long term play sessions. The 3D wing design is a novel way to keep the headset in place on your head. The headphones are light weight, but feel robust enough to withstand getting dropped repeatedly without too much trouble.

The mic here is  miles better than the ones you’ll find in cheaper headsets. Friends in your party will definitely notice the difference in your voice clarity. That also makes this one a good choice for streaming, if that’s your thing. Expect crystal clear voice with the ATH-ADG1X.


  • Top quality Hi fidelity sound
  • Great design
  • Light and comfy to wear
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Best quality mic out there
  • 3D positional audio very accurate
  • Definitely not the cheapest
  • Rubber cable can’t be removed

#2 Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X

Style: Close-backed

A lower-priced ATH gaming headset with plenty to offer

The second gaming headset from Audio Technica we’re looking at is the ATH-AG1X, a more budget-friendly headset that still delivers on high-fidelity sound. For best results, you can connect this headset up to a decent amplifier.

Sound quality is again fantastic and the mic quality is up there too. Your voice will sound extremely clear whatever game you’re playing. You can use this gaming headset for PS4, xBox One and PC.

This headset has the same design as the ATH-ADG1X in terms of the 3D wings that hold the headset in place. It’s extremely comfy and can be worn for hours of consecutive gaming without any heaviness or aching ears.

Unlike the headset above, this one is a closed-back design (the cones are sealed at the back with no grille). This makes for keeping more sound in, and less noise getting in to.

Verdict: The slightly cheaper AG1X isn’t quite as impressive as it’s bigger brother, but the sound quality is still top notch and the mic is crystal clear. It’s also a fair bit cheaper. Definitely one of the better gaming headsets out there.

  • Good quality bass, mid and top end
  • Light and comfy to wear
  • Keeps out ambient noise
  • Mic quality very good
  • Good value for money
  • Audio cable not detachable
  • slightly too large fitting for a small heads
Best Price
£236.95 at Amazon
Price last checked: 13th Jun 2024 - 05:19

#3 ATH-PDG1 Gaming Headset

Next up, a headset we think is sersiously worth a look from Audio Technica; the ATH PDG1. This is a cheaper gaming headset which can normally be picked up for under £130. It combines an excellent sound quality with a high quality microphone.

pads on the ATH-PDG1 are sumptuous as a big soft cushion

We’ll get to the audio quality in a minute, but let’s focus on the mic. Like the other Audio Technica gaming headsets, the mic included here is way better than what you’ll find in cheaper headsets. It can be positioned perfectly under the mouth and provide a pro quality audio that’s second to none. Both party chat and commentary will sound on point with the PDG1.

Next, lets talk about comfort! Know what the best fitting headset is? One that’s so light and comfy that you forget it’s there. The pads on the ATH-PDG1 are sumptuous as a big soft cushion and fir the ears snuggly. If you’ve ever suffered the cursed affliction of sweaty ear, then rest assured this won’t happen either. Breathable, soft and feels great.

But what’s it sound like, for goodness sake? You’ll probably see where this is going! Sound quality here is definitely on point. While the bass isn’t as deep as we’d have liked, the overall sound quality in everything from gently harp background music, to an explosion going off right next to your squad is just fantastic. Audio Technica have created something great here and for this price, it’s a real bargain.

Verdict: The more budget friendly ATH-PDG1 beats a lot of more expensive headsets and offers great all round sound quality and a top level mic. You’d be hard pushed to beat it at this price.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Mic delivers clear sound
  • Light and comfy
  • Looks awesome
  • Not the most powerful bass
  • Clamping force could be a bit stronger

Picking your perfect gaming headset

5 things we love about Audio Technica’s headsets for gaming

  1. The look great – OK, there’s plenty of cheap headsets that look good too, but AT have made some of the best-looking headsets we’ve seen in 2021. And no-one wants to look like a dory cyber-man with their new headset, no matter how good it sounds.
  2. The’re always comfy! With gaming, more so than even listening to music, you need a headset that won’t move around, slide out of position, or cause serious lug-strain for long gaming sessions. The Technica headsets have a lot of work put into how comfortable they feel.
  3. Mic quality makes for clearer voice chat – It’s important that your new headset sounds amazing, but you’ll also want to have your friends be able to hear you clearly too. A lot of mics have god-awful mics that are easy to overlook until you try them out.
  4. Good build quality – With the best will in the world, even a much loved headset can get sat on or, worse case, played with by a toddler (they love headsets for some reason…) The Audio Technica headsets might look all sleek and elegant, but they’re not daisy. They can take a bit of a beating alright.
  5. They’re super-lightweight – It’s not easy getting high quality drivers and components into a headset and still making it light to wear for hours of Modern Warfare. Audio Technica have some of the more lightweight headsets on the market in 2021. Perfect for squeezing in a few more head shots on double XP weekends.

Things to look out for with any gaming headset & mic

What’s the clamping force like? This is a tricky one. On the one hand, there’s nothing worse than a headset that grips down so hard it’s uncomfortable and too hot. On the other, you also don’t want something that’s going to slip around.

If the clamping is not just right, it will also impact the audio quality negatively, especially bass. While not an easy detail to get from pics and product videos, it’s often mentioned in reviews on sites like Amazon. So keep an eye out for it.

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